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Tutorial 27: Shijima & Kuroshitsuji

I don't have anything interesting to say today, so let's get started...

Requested by kokoro_chan93 and 2baki.

How to go from
to and
to with Photoshop. Uses Selective Coloring, so probably not translatable.

is A and is B

1. Prepare your base, I'll be using this NnO image today (again, LOL) along with some Kuroshitsuji art.


2. First I wanted to tone the image a bit down and give it a softer look, so create a new layer and fill it with #27241E, set to Exclusion, 100%. (You might need to lower the opacity if your image gets too dark.)


3. Later on the image will get a lot of reds, so now you should increase the complementary color green so that everything won't get too overwhelming then. Make a Channel Mixer... adj. layer and put in these settings:

Red: 110 -12 -8
Green: -4 104 -6
Blue: 4 -10 91


4. Yes, that's a very ugly green and also very washed out. Fix that with a Soft Light, 100% duplicate of your base.


5. Now let's go for the reds, and also a few more greens that'll pep up all the boring whites. :D This step is different for the icons.

First A: make a Selective Color... adj. layer and put in the step 5 settings from this tutorial (you should really save them since I'm using them A LOT).
Duplicate that layer for extra spiffiness~


For B, make the same Selective Color adj. layer (but only once!). Then let another Selective Color... adj. layer follow with these settings:

Reds: -100 40 100 5
Yellows: -18 32 100 -28
Cyans: 100 0 -100 0
Neutrals: -13 -11 -31 -11

which will give you this result. But not enough, make even a third Selective Color... adj. layer with these settings this time to really increase the blues!

Reds: 30 0 0 25
Yellows: 13 -4 0 30
Cyans: 50 -45 0 -30
Blues: 24 0 -13 0
Whites: 100 0 -60 -20
Neutrals: 18 0 18 9
Blacks: -3 0 0 22


6. Nice, but now their skin color looks a bit 'eew' (and Shijima's coat lost its brown). So create a new layer and fill it with #F9DDD2 on Color Burn, 100%.


7. Better, but we seem to have a tough fight against the pictures looking washed out. Make another Soft Light duplicate of your base, but this time lower the opacity to something around 50%.


8. Before we start a texture party, let's darken the image a bit so that we won't get blind after a massive abuse of light textures. Make a Brightness/Contrast... adj. layer with brightness -23 and contrast -4.


9. Now for the texture part! The basic idea was to make the Shijima icon look all foggy with some light effects, so start with this texture by ohfreckle set to Screen, 100%. Erase disturbing parts; I mainly erased the middle so that I got something like a foggy frame. B doesn't have this step (no fog needed when sitting in a room, LOL).


10. To make it shinier and brighter, create another Brightness/Contrast... adj. layer, this time with brightness +5 and contrast +10 for A and brightness +2 and contrast +7 for B (I know B has now two B/C layers in a row, but it really worked better with both layers).


11. All white and bright now, so let's add more fog for more atmosphere. :D
Take this texture again by ohfreckle and set it to Screen, 58%. B is left out again.


12. For shiny lights, take 2-3 lens textures (something like this by hellodarliing or this by gravira) and set them to Screen, 100%. Move them around and erase disturbing parts; I concentrated them on one spot on the side of the images.


13. To add a few red accents take this texture by spiritcoda on Lighten, 40%.


14. Almost finished, but I still wanted to make the cyans and greens more prominent: for this last step make a Color Balance... adj. layer with these settings:

Midtones: -20 0 -10
Highlights: 3 0 0

And that's it!


Questions? Just ask! :D

Other examples:

Be creative and experiment however you want, and I'd love to see your results! I'm curious what you come up with. :D

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More tutorials are here, and these will be coming next.
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