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Tutorial 30: Zero

No entry since March, I'm really sorry, guys. RL trouble hunted me and came together with a lack of inspiration, but now I'm back. :D
Have another double-tutorial while I'm uploading my new icon batch~

Requested by inutaka_karuki, fahrenheit1993 and cyanidebullets.

How to go from
to and
to with Photoshop. Uses Selective Coloring, so probably not translatable.

is A and is B

1. Get your base ready~ I'll be using not only one, but two Zero images today!


2. Vampire Knight art is all pretty, but you often have to fight for contrast. So let's start with a Soft Light, 50% duplicate of your base.


3. Better already, we can go for the coloring now. All in all, I wanted to make the icons greenish but without looking radioactive, so I went for red colors first (it's all about complementary colors :D ) before pushing the greens. For the reds, open a Selective Color... adj. layer and put in these settings:

Reds: -100 45 14 2
Yellows: -72 0 3 3
Neutrals: -4 0 0 1

Now create a Color Balance... adj. layer like this:

Midtones: -7 0 -15
Shadows: -7 0 -7
Highlights: 4 -5 0


4. Take a break from the coloring and do a little decoration first, because if you do it now, it'll get something from the coloring that is yet to come, too. :D
Choose whatever you want to make your icon more interesting, I took this swirlie for A (I think it was from one of these flower fonts) and this one for B, both on Multiply with an opacity between 70-100%.


5. This step differs for both icons. I wanted A to be a bit foggy with white light, so I took a very big soft brush and brushed with #ffffff the top left corner on a new layer. Then I set this layer to Screen, 75%.
B should go into a foggy blue direction, so I took this texture (by ? It's been so long that I don't remember) and set it to Screen, 100%.


6. Now we need shinies, and a lot of them! Take these light textures by expose42 multiple times on Screen, 70-100%, move them around and erase what you don't like. <3


7. Very pretty, but the icons are all washed out now. Hit them with a Brightness/Contrast... adj. layer with something around brightness -5 and contrast +9 (that can differ for your icon) and while we're on it, let a Hue/Saturation... adj. layer follow with master saturation set to +9.


8. Actually you could stop here and leave it like that and you'd have a reddish version. :D
But if you want to follow me into the green direction, open a Color Balance... adj. layer and put in these settings:

Midtones: -100 9 2
Shadows: -6 0 2
Highlights: 4 0 1


9. To finish things up, make another Hue/Saturation... adj. layer with master saturation +15 and a Brightness/Contrast... adj. layer with brightness -11 and contrast 11, which make the icons more vivid and clearer. And that's it!


Questions? Just ask! :D

Other examples:

Be creative and experiment however you want, and I'd love to see your results! I'm curious what you come up with. :D

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More tutorials are here, and these will be coming next.
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