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SN - in my trailer

Thank you, various icons, requests

After much delay (first my server died and then my computer) FINALLY the new icon batch with the long-promised requests from last time.
But *gasp*!

Just when I finshed everything from the 'Thank you for 70+ watchers'- request round you are over 120 already! Really guys, you are amazing... thank you for all your support and nice comments, they never fail to fill up my energy level. ♥
So I have three things to celebrate with you~
First, as you can see with the banner, I picked up the category TV Show: additionally to my anime&manga icons I'll also post tv stuff from now on. Due to personal fandom I'm concentrating on Supernatural, but I'm also open for suggestions. (See also the new layout --> soleil_icons and profile, all Supernatural-themed.)
Second, layout stuff will appear on a regular basis with (I think) every icon post from now on.
And third, another 'special' request round which I call "1/2 requests" for certain reasons:

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Today's icon batch is divided into two areas: anime/manga and Supernatural. The requests from last time are in a seperate post HERE (otherwise there'd be too many huge images/profile layouts here). Please leave me a comment there when you picked up your stuff.
As for the Supernatural icons: I really went wild with the coloring and tried different stuff, so it'd be awesome if you could give me some feedback which coloring style you prefer.
The headers are alternates of my community profile layout... you see that I sometimes have a hard time deciding on results, which is to your advantage now. XD
I didn't feel like working with text this time, but if you have a cool idea and want to see a certain text on a certain icon, just ask and I'll add it.
And last but not least, of course tutorial requests are open (and let me know if something doesn't work).

* Supernatural icon #13 was inspired by the movie The Name of the Rose... I almost fell from my sofa when a monk appeared and said his name's Casper of Winchester. xD

[30] Various
--> [05] Kuroshitsuji
--> [09] Code Geass
--> [03] Loveless
--> [09] Shinshi Doumei Cross
--> [04] Vampire Knight

Profile layouts:
[01] Loveless
[01] Kuroshitsuji

Requests: various icons, headers and profile layouts are over here


[52] Pilot, other
[05] Header
[01] FO-banner
[01] Jensen Ackles profile layout
[02] Jared Padalecki profile layouts


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Jigoku Shoujo - death

Thank you, various icons, layout sets

No icon batch in November (*gasp*), so it's time for a big post, right? But first...

YOU GUYS ROCK SO MUCH!! I actually wanted to make a "50 watchers" banner, but we already passed the 70~ thanks a lot for watching/joining this comm! ♥
And to show my gratitude, let's have a special request round. :D

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And now onto today's icon batch! :D
I tried to cover most of my favourite shows of this fall season + a few older fandoms.
Also, since a lot of you wanted to see headers and profile layouts (thanks for the awesome participation in the poll last time) I'm posting three complete layout sets here.
And my server is running slow again today. Please be patient when some images don't show up right away or refresh the page.
Tutorial Requests are open, but they're limited to five people this time because I still have so many to do from the last batch.

[29] Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
[17] Code Geass
[08] Casshern SINS
[27] Gundam 00
[15] Jigoku Shoujo
[17] Tales of the Abyss
[12] Tsubasa RC
[11] Vampire Knight
[13] Various
--> [06] Nabari no Ou
--> [01] Amatsuki
--> [01] Bleach
--> [02] Full Moon wo Sagashite
--> [02] Shinshi Doumei Cross
--> [01] Toradora

Total: [149]

Layout Sets (include header, profile layout, friends only-banner, matching icon)
[01] Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
[01] Tsubasa RC
[01] Code Geass


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