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Icon batch: various anime/manga and comic fandoms + Disney's Tarzan and stock images

It's really been a while since I posted anything here... one reason is the exam period I went through, and the other that I (surprisingly) ran out of anime/manga fandoms. I had used most images of my fave series without getting dragged into new fandoms. :/

I still enjoy making icons, though, so if you have any suggestions for current series, feel free to drop me a comment! You can also spam me with pretty images and I'll look into them.
Oh, and fyi: the comic icons are sorted by the series the scans are from, not the characters they depict (it was easier this way).

[08] After School Nightmare
[09] Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
[22] D.Gray-man
[05] Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
[13] Pandora Hearts

DC Comics
[05] Adventure Comics (Superboy, Red Robin, var.)
[07] Batman and Robin
[02] Batgirl
[03] Nightwing
[20] Red Robin (Red Robin, Superboy, Batgirl, Robin)
[05] Supergirl
[02] Teen Titans (Kid Flash, Robin, Starfire)
[05] Fanart (Nightwing, Robin)

[10] Tarzan

Cats & Stocks
[19] Cats
[07] Stocks


Friends Only-banner
[01] Cat & Puppy


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Icon batch: Shinshi Doumei Cross, Nabari no Ou, Kateikyou Hitman Reborn, various

Between all the tutorials finally a new batch!
But please read this first: since summer is over and we're starting into the cold season I just had to get rid of the Loveless header and made a new header (--> soleil_icons) and matching profile layout, featuring Nabari no Ou this time so that it fits my own profile page.
While I was working on this, I wondered if you're interested in me making/posting headers and profile banners here. So... should I include headers and profile stuff in my posts every now and then? It'd be awesome if you could anwer with the poll or comments (or both!). :D

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And now onto the icons! Since the tutorial request-thing from the last batch had a pretty good feedback this post is open for tutorial requests, too. There are still seven requests left from the last batch, but I'll try to throw them out now on an almost daily basis, so don't hesitate to request if you're interested in anything.
The Chi and Nabari icons are mainly variations for the icon challenges, though a few of the Nabari ones haven't been posted yet.
Also, my server is running slow today. Please be patient when some images don't show up right away.

[07] xxxHolic
[14] Kateikyou Hitman Reborn
[14] Nabari no Ou
[29] Shinshi Doumei Cross
[07] Vampire Knight
[29] Various
--> [03] Bleach
--> [03] Chi's Sweet Home
--> [01] Gundam Wing
--> [05] Loveless
--> [02] Persona 3
--> [03] Soul Eater
--> [06] Toward The Terra
--> [05] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
--> [01] D.Gray-man
Total: [93]


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Icon batch: D.Gray-man, Spice and Wolf, True Tears

First official entry in this community. :D For celebration I'll be taking requests from the first 5 people who want to request icons. <3

Rules for requesting:

[#] You can request 3 images maximum (HQ or MQ please). Reserving spots and giving me the pic later is fine for me. :)
[#] I prefer working with manga art (or cleaned scans), but if you really want you can also give me anime screencaps. And if you really, really want you can also give me b/w manga scans for coloring, but note that these will take longer. Please provide a color reference then in case I don't know the chara/series.
[#] Please comment if you'd like it to be shareable or nonshareable.
[#] Provide text if you want any.

They will be posted with the next icon batch. And now onto today's batch! :D

[47] D.Gray-man
--> [+] FO-banner
[03] Spice and Wolf
[06] True Tears
Total: [58]


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Icon batch: various

[This post was originally here.]

Multi fandom post~~ :D

[17] Toward The Terra (shounen-ai inclusive)
[10] Gundam 00 (yaoi/shounen-ai inclusive)
[06] Code Geass
[07] D.Gray-man
[06] Ouran High School Host Club
[06] Gurren Lagann (shounen-ai)
[05] Others
--> [03] Persona 3
--> [02] Hana-Kimi
Total: [57]


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