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Icon batch: various anime/manga and comic fandoms + Disney's Tarzan and stock images

It's really been a while since I posted anything here... one reason is the exam period I went through, and the other that I (surprisingly) ran out of anime/manga fandoms. I had used most images of my fave series without getting dragged into new fandoms. :/

I still enjoy making icons, though, so if you have any suggestions for current series, feel free to drop me a comment! You can also spam me with pretty images and I'll look into them.
Oh, and fyi: the comic icons are sorted by the series the scans are from, not the characters they depict (it was easier this way).

[08] After School Nightmare
[09] Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
[22] D.Gray-man
[05] Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
[13] Pandora Hearts

DC Comics
[05] Adventure Comics (Superboy, Red Robin, var.)
[07] Batman and Robin
[02] Batgirl
[03] Nightwing
[20] Red Robin (Red Robin, Superboy, Batgirl, Robin)
[05] Supergirl
[02] Teen Titans (Kid Flash, Robin, Starfire)
[05] Fanart (Nightwing, Robin)

[10] Tarzan

Cats & Stocks
[19] Cats
[07] Stocks


Friends Only-banner
[01] Cat & Puppy


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